Does battery needs to be replaced in 3 years?

The life of the battery depends on its usage. The number of kilometers, driving style, charging behavior, and a few other factors impact the battery life. However, on average, Ather batteries are expected to last for 5 years or more, with over 70% capacity. This data is based on our internal testing vehicles and on-road … Read more

What is the boot capacity?

It’s 22 L. Big enough to fit a full-face helmet, along with a little bag of groceries. Check out what people have been carrying in that boot.

Is Ather Subscription Compulsory?

It’s totally up to you. Currently, Ather Connect Pro is free until 31st Mar ’23. If you want scheduled service to be automated and hassle free we have, Ather Service packs are for you.

Are the batteries swappable?

Ather 450X comes with an in-built battery (3 yrs warranty for unlimited km). Fixed batteries have quite a few advantages over swappable ones. If you notice, mobile phones too have moved to fixed batteries now.