What is the service interval – cost of servicing the vehicle?

The vehicle needs to be serviced every 5,000 km or once a year. The Ather Service subscription takes care of maintenance for the entire year. + Scheduled maintenance + Labour & consumables + Puncture assistance + Run-out-of-charge service + Roadside assistance There is an option of pay-per-service too, and you can pay per hour of … Read more

How many kilometers to go before the battery needs replacement?

Battery replacement depends on the state of health of the battery. Our warranty is 3 years, unlimited km, and 70% state of health. Our testing shows that even at 60,000 km, the state of health remains over 85%. For our earliest Ather 450 owners (2.5 years old), the battery state of health is on an … Read more

What is the warranty period on the vehicle and the battery?

Vehicle: 3 years, 30,000 km Battery: 3 years, unlimited km 70% state of health of the battery (The performance of the battery is not likely to degrade over 30% and that’s with a buffer. As per customer data it’s not more than 10%)

What is the subsidy amount on the Ather scooter?

The central government provides a subsidy of ₹55,500 under the FAME II incentive scheme, which is adjusted against the ex-showroom price. Some state governments also offer an additional subsidy. Check its availability at your city’s Ather Space or at the pricing section .