What does general service cover?

The service covers an end-to-end 46 point check-up. It includes checking brake pads, brake fluid, front fork oil seals, wheel bearings, belt tensioning and handlebar. Torque of all bolts are assessed too, we re-torque it to match the spec if needed.

What’s the difference between Service Lite and Service Pro packs?

Ather Service Lite: Labour and consumables free for scheduled maintenance and select repairs & 24×7 unlimited roadside assistance. Ather Service Pro: Everything under the Lite pack + doorstep pick-up & drop that saves time and hassle of travelling down to the service center.

What is the difference between Ather 450 Plus and Ather 450X?

Range Ather 450 Plus – 100 km per charge TrueRangeâ„¢ – 70 km per charge Ather 450X – 116 km per charge. TrueRangeâ„¢ – 85 km per charge Acceleration & Riding Modes Ather 450 Plus – Sports Mode (0 km/h to 40 km/h in under 3.9 s) Ather 450X – Warp Mode (0 km/h to … Read more

Does battery needs to be replaced in 3 years?

The life of the battery depends on its usage. The number of kilometers, driving style, charging behavior, and a few other factors impact the battery life. However, on average, Ather batteries are expected to last for 5 years or more, with over 70% capacity. This data is based on our internal testing vehicles and on-road … Read more