3 thoughts on “Is there a mobile charging port on the vehicle?”

  1. I m really interested in buying ather but there are some essential things which are holding me back from buying
    1. Mobile charger USB port not available
    2.price of the vehicle are high
    3.parts cost and labour cost are very very hight example normal break lever cost max 100 rs where as ather gives for 350rs
    Your side mirror cost 800 right side and left side 700 why is it soo and that too high price
    4. Screen protector not provided
    5.rear tyer skidding while applying breaks
    6. Centre stand not provided
    7. Proper gard not present which makes difficult to ride on a rainy day as all mud and water comes over the rear passenger making him all dirty
    8.top speed is less only 90km/he
    9. suspension is hard compared to other EVs
    10. Black fiber looks cheap quality
    11. Body protection not provided in accesories
    12. User interface of the dashboard is slow specially map

    Love too buy it please work on this things I ll surely buy it

    No problem in copying please copy from ola see what else ather is missing and add it on

    Dont think people as a money printing machine for ather

  2. Good points I should have been noticed just bought it in hurry but now regretting about the charging point, centre stand and the plastic quality is too bad

  3. I totally agree with Divyanshu.
    The belt area is not covered. It’s becoming an issue to clean the belt area after every wet trip it looks very dirty if not washed in time and reduces the life span of the belt assembly.
    Hope Ather will consider these issues in their upcoming models.

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