What is the warranty period on the vehicle and the battery?

Vehicle: 3 years, 30,000 km
Battery: 3 years, unlimited km
70% state of health of the battery (The performance of the battery is not likely to degrade over 30% and that’s with a buffer. As per customer data it’s not more than 10%)

9 thoughts on “What is the warranty period on the vehicle and the battery?”

  1. What’s the warranty on belt. Which broke due to wrong service and no proper tension check even after reporting the belt noise even after service.

  2. My Odo Metter done 10088km, Now Belt is broken. Warranty is finish. Any one can give answer about it.

  3. What is warranty of belt . Belt is broken Service . Big fraud with customer. Ather company is fraud company.

  4. My Ather started making belt noise at 10441km, they said no warranty on belt and asked to pay Rs.3800 for belt replacement. So for every 10000km we need to change the belt paying Rs.3800, this is insane, very disappointing on Ather

  5. Ather is frad company. Belt price last year 1450rs.now 3450 rs + labour charge. All will complite district emporsment forom

  6. My belt got damaged in just 2000 km odo and. Even after reporting the first time, they did not care. After 2 weeks I had to send the vehicle for another service. Extremely poor experience.

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