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The price of Ather 450X and Ather 450 Plus will differ from state to state, depending on the subsidy offered in that region. Select your city to get the price breakdown.

Ather 450 Plus Ather 450X
Ex-showroom price (Exclusive of FAME II incentive, performance upgrade, Ather Dot / Portable charger)
Performance upgrade This is the software pack which delivers the additional performance and features to your scooter.
Ather Dot / Portable charger (Discounted) Discounted fare only on the first charger.
FAME II Incentive FAME II (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles - Phase II) is the subsidy provided by central goverment of India on the purchase of an electric vehicle.
State subsidy This is the subsidy provided by the State Government on the purchase of an electric vehicle. Subsidy amount might vary across states. The amount will be claimed by you after delivery.
Ex-showroom price (Inclusive of FAME II incentive & charger)
Road tax
Municipal tax This is the tax levied by the respective muncipalities on purchase of vehicles. Subject to Muncipality guidelines.
RTO - Road safety tax / CESS Depending on the local RTO guidelines, the RTO charges may include Temp registration charges, Smart card fee & RTO registration, Postal charges and Service charge & penality charge.
Estimated insurance This is the indicative cost of insurance in the market. Price includes third party premium for 5 years and own damage premium for 1 year.

Own damage premium - 1 year, Accessories cover - 1 year for software | Third party premium - 5 years | GST)

On-road price (Inclusive of FAME II incentive, charger and taxes)
State subsidy (Direct to customer) The state subsidy is different for every state and it changes every quarter based on the state budget. You need to keep a tab and claim it on your own by submitting the relevant documents
Effective cost This is the price you will be effectively paying for your vehicle, including the state subsidy that will be credited to you after delivery.

All prices are inclusive of GST

Frequently Asked Questions

The central government provides a subsidy of ₹43,500 under the FAME II incentive scheme, which is adjusted against the ex-showroom price.

The prices on our website already factor in these subsidies. Ather passes on the central Govt’s subsidy of ₹43,500 to the customer at the time of purchase. State governments follow a different process to pass on the subsidy. Some allow us to pass it on to the customer and claim it from them. Others need the customer to claim the subsidy and will send the amount directly to their Aadhaar linked account. Get in touch with your city’s Ather Space for more details.

This is what needs to be submitted to claim the subsidy.
For individual buyers:
Aadhaar card + Mobile no. & email id + RC card/registration details

For proprietorship firms:
Aadhaar card + Pan card + GST certificate of the firm + Mobile no. & email id + RC card/registration details

For Private firms:
Pan card + GST certificate of the firm + Mobile no. & email id + RC card/registration details

As per FAME II, any customer can claim the subsidy only once per Aadhaar card for the two-wheeler category.

Get in touch with your nearest Ather Space to find out about the offers running in your city.


  1. What are the accessories available to enhance the riding experience?
  2. Portable Charger:  available to help charge using any 5A plug point. Ather TPMS – Irregular tyre pressure affects Range. Ather tyre pressure monitoring system notifies you when the pressure is high or low to help you keep it to the optimum level, in turn helping you optimize range. More coming up soon!

The vehicle pricing can vary from ₹1,000 to ₹3,000 depending on the logistical costs and local charges such as road tax, registration charges, etc. as they are different in every city.

Quite a few state governments have started to offer an additional subsidy. Check its availability at your city’s Ather Space or at the pricing section.

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